Gallery of curtain projects

Interior and curtain studio ,,Jaukumas” offers a wide and exclusive selection of fabrics!


Curtains are a very important part of the interior of every home. They add cosiness and exclusivity to your home, reduce or enlarge space when needed, control light entering your home or even muffle noise! JAUKUMAS interior and curtain studio offers a wide and exclusive selection of fabrics. And more! We will design and pick up a variety of textiles for you – bedspreads, cushions, tablecloths, linen bed linen, and different types of curtains – day curtains, bedside curtains, intermediate curtains, romannets and Austrian curtains. Choosing our studio is like embarking on a journey of discovery and ideas with our professional studio team.


Our team will help you choose the fabrics, match them to your home interior, and offer you the best options. We also measure the entire space where the curtains will live in order to tailor the curtains as accurately as possible, so that they simply blend into your home interior and create an extraordinary cosiness. Moving on?

Ordering. Its approval

Our team will send you precise estimates showing you all the details: the cost of fabrics, tailoring, details, cornices and systems. Yes, that’s right! We’ll take care of all the details, too. Of course, if you just want to replace your old curtains and the curtain rods are still suitable, you can keep the old curtains and we’ll adapt the curtains to them. Once 50% of the advance has been paid, work starts. We commit to completing orders within 45 days of payment. Are you ready for the last step?

Hanging curtains

We don’t like to leave unfinished work, so we deliver and hang the curtains! That’s it! Here ends a wonderful journey! Just enjoy the result!