aistis pillowcase



We want to reveal the secret of why sleeping in linen bedding is such a luxury.

First of all, flax is one of the natural antiseptics, so it prevents and kills bacteria. This is the reason why linen bedding is highly recommended for people with acne skin problems.

Secondly, linen is extremely breathable, allowing the body to breathe and maintaining a constant and uniform temperature.

Thirdly, flax absorbs moisture very quickly.

Fourthly, the latest technology allows linen to be processed in a way that gives it a softness that is not inferior to cotton.

Fifthly, flax is one of the strongest fibres.

Sixthly, linen only gets softer over time, while white linen becomes whiter and whiter and never turns yellow, so we can easily enjoy the white colour.

Choose the size that suits you and the colour that fits your interior. If you need non-standard sizes, please contact us and we will make them individually for you within a couple of weeks.

160 g/m2, 100% linen

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