nigrum pagalvėlė
nigrum pagalvėlė
nigrum pagalvėlė
nigrum pagalvėlė

nigrum cushion

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The linen collection of rugs and cushions is a lighter and more expressive home décor choice compared to the knitted wool collection. Plaids and cushions are perfect for your sofa or bed, the secret to a cosy home. As linen is one of the strongest fabrics, these linen products do not pilling, remain soft and fluffy, so they will last as long as you let them. The Nigrum model in the 2020 collection is undoubtedly a designer darling. 100% linen, but dressed to look like wool, a totally unconventional texture and a very subtle play on details. A definite addition to any interior.

We recommend that you feel free to use these blankets and cushions as picnic accessories in the warmer months, or snuggle up and enjoy the warmth and softness in the cooler weather.

205 g/m2, 100% linen

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